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Okay, so here we go with a second attempt at getting my little pet board game off the ground. :)
The first attempt failed about 4-6 months ago when the artists I had commissioned all vanished off the face of the planet with my deposits.. It wasn't losing the money that upset me, I have saved up literally thousands of dollars just to throw at this project... It was more the trust issues that manifested afterwards, I even found myself distrusting people at my work, (yes it affected me THAT badly,)
Anyways.. I have decided now is the time for attempt #2 and I must say it is off to a flying start so far!

I still can't believe how incredibly lucky I am this time, for after a small bit of discussion :iconferres: has graciously accepted the commission to create the artwork required for the 5 starting card sets for me.
I have already received two of them and they are exactly what I had been hoping for,

Tana Kre01lr by Ferres   Tana Kre01nlr by Ferres

These incredible graphics make me wish more than anything that I could convince him to be my "Main Project Artist" and do ALL of the artwork for this project, but I don't know if I should push my luck and bother him more than I have since he is a very busy person ....
but wouldn't that be awesome!!  :squee:

I have been busy working on the 3D terrain pieces, sculpting the bases then making a mold so they can be reproduced on mass in resin.. I have even been making trees from wood screws and scouring pads :D
I am quite happy with them so far.

Terrain by WolfScribble
The grey mini is used just for scale :) please excuse the bad photo !

And I have also been trying my hand at doing some basic sculpting for the random mineral and ore pieces that can be found during play..
Mineral by WolfScribble
dawww isn't it the cutest crystal deposit evar!!

Anyways.. things are progressing smoothly and awesomely this time around.. fingers crossed for the future of my little pet project :)

Always remember "Be excellent to each other!!"

EDIT 18/02/2015 -------
More awesome artwork from :iconferres:  :woohoo:

Tana3 by WolfScribble  Tana4 by WolfScribble  Tana5 by WolfScribble
low res crops of Tana-Kre getting into all kinds of trouble.!!!   :D

EDIT 15/04/2015 ---------
Just received an email from the printers that the 3 starter decks of exploration cards ..Wilderness, Graveyard & Dungeon ..are finished and on their way to me. These make up the basic exploration decks for the game.
I need to find an artist to do some custom graphics for ruins, tombs & dungeons so that I can add some unique environments and locations to the decks .

And I have ordered a new 3D printer for making terrain pieces and card holders..

mmmm progress



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