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So, I now have a fully functional Cintiq connected to my pc once more.. and so this morning I sat down and drew the first freehand piece of fan art I have done in nearly 2 years.
I posted it earlier, but later decided to remove it because it made me ill to look at it ..Holy crappo!!  I need serious practice.!!  I don't have any artistic style anymore hahaha
So now I shall be making an effort to make at least one picture each day when I get home from work.
It may not be in color, and it probably will never be posted.. but one day I will once more get to a level of quality that I am happy enough to show others.

Random thoughts..

So, I am still sitting here trying to figure out what went so horribly wrong with my little game project.
A final tally of the total funds I have spent trying to get this project going comes in at $2860.00 usd..
And what exactly do I have to show for it ?
I even sent the 2 badly made miniatures back to the so called modeller and asked to be refunded, but I know I will not see that money ever again.

So what is it that I did so wrong?
I commissioned 4 artists to make various art for my game.. except for one of them, they have all disappeared off the face of the planet with the deposits I had paid them.
I commissioned a so called custom miniature builder/customizer to create 5 miniatures to represent certain npc characters within the game, and as I mentioned before received only 2 very disappointing miniatures instead.
Was I too trusting?
Was I too generous in paying the deposits?
Was I expecting too much?
Were the moons aligned in a way that doomed this project from the start?
I just don't know.

I lost this battle, but the war goes on.
My project WILL succeed even though my trust of people has been utterly ruined by the whole experience.
This morning I ventured down to my local hobby store and purchased a few modelling supplies and will attempt to customize the miniatures myself (tho I have never done anything like it before)..
I also dusted off my old Wacom Cintique from my early days of Mass Effect nudie drawings and will attempt to re-learn how to draw..

I seems the only way I can achieve anything now is by doing it myself.
Yep..another year passes, and officially I become another year older.
What started as a very boring day became a whole lot more wonderful when I logged on to DA and found that the totally awesome :iconservala: has given me a birthday picture of my 2 favorite Mass Effect characters,
A day at the beach by Servala
what a beautiful couple they make :D  (bet Femshep is Jealous of Miri.. haha)
Thank you so much Romy, you are the best !
Thought I would ask a couple of questions...

1- Who is/are the ME characters you like the most ?..

2- Who is/are the ME characters you dislike the most ?..

3- Who is/are the ME couples you like the most ?..  (shipping permitted)

4- Who is/are the ME couples you disliked the most ?..

For me:
1- Most liked =  1-Miranda Lawson, 2-Femshep, 3-Liara T'soni
2- Most Disliked = 1- Jack, 2- Ashley Williams ( I seriously can't stand either one of them.!!)

3- Favorite Couple =  1- Miranda Lawson & Liara T'soni  (very hard for me to choose... maybe a three-way affair with FemShep-Miranda-Liara... that would be awesome :D)
4- Most Disliked Couiple = 1- Miranda & Jack (hands down my most hated ship...if anything Miranda should be with Shep after all the hard work she did bringing Shep back from the dead)
                                              And Ashley can just 'F' off... I can't stand her character at all, she looks like a man and doesn't deserve anyone... lol



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