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random Journal entry: blah blah blah.. I don't know..

Just over 7 months ago I posted a journal that I was looking to commission an artist to create 5 - 6 full color pieces of work for me to use as identifying card deck graphics for me to update a long running Dungeon Crawl game project I had started many years ago with a few friends.. At the time I had saved and set aside a rather modest amount of money ($2500) from my own pocket to finance new miniatures/terrain/and artwork to make the game more entertaining and fun for my gaming friends as well as dare I say give it a more polished finish.

Seven months and later, the funds are now all gone and I have almost nothing to show for it aside from 3 custom miniatures and quite a few regrets..
I think my own trusting and generosity got the better of me, or I was just too ambitious to try and make this game more than it really is.

I still have a wonderful artist working on the graphics (after the first 2 did a runner with the deposits I gave them) the updates are going slow.. as yet I do not have any finished graphics..

I think it's time to just wipe this project off the list and forget about it.

edit: Just spoke with the artist involved and saw some of the wip's .. they look stunning!!  its amazing how much a bit of good news can brighten one's day!   thanks West




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